One of the few American Muslim scholars who combines modern Western scientific education with traditional training in Sacred Law, Imam Mufti was born in Pakistan, but raised in Kuwait until he moved back to Pakistan at the age of 10. Trained in traditional Islamic sciences while attending prestigious secular British schools, he completed O and A Levels before studying physics and mathematics at the University of Texas at Austin and Arlington. Studying science with Nobel laureates and after an intense study of philosophy and Islam, Allah guided him and he regained faith in traditional Islam.

After attending graduate school in physics and working in IT for a number of years, he decided to pursue his passion and served as an imam and khateeb in Michigan. Thereafter, he devoted himself to years of rigorous study of Aqeeda, tafsir, hadith, fiqh, and the Arabic language that took him from the deserts of Mauritania to the streets of old Cairo, among others.

Religious Training & Ijazas

  • Imam Mufti holds formal ijaza in recitation of Hafs ‘an ‘Aasim through Sheikh Ahmad al-Kulaini, one of the shortest isnads in the world to the Prophet ﷺ
    • Sh. al-Kulaina is the direct student of Dr. Abbas al-Misri of Egypt and his isnad includes the master-reciter, Sheikh al-Tarabishi of Syria
    • Awarded a prize upon receiving ijaza by Sheikh Ahmed Eisa al-Masarawi
      • Sh. al-Masarawi is the top authority of Quran in the world, he is Sheikh Maqari al-Misriyya and the President Lajna al-Mushaf at the Majma Buhuth al-Islamiyya at Azhar
  • Holds formal ijaza to transmit fiqh and all major books of hadith with some of the shortest isnads from Sheikh Tihami bin Muhammad al-Tijani of Ribat, Morocco and Sheikh Walid Idris al-Misri
  • Studied different texts on Islamic creed with scholars including Sheikh Hasan al-Homaid, a former mufti of Qatar
  • His foremost teacher was Sheikh al-Murabit Salim al-Addood as-Shinqiti (may Allah grant him Janna)
    • Sh. al-Addood was the former Chief Justice of Mauritania’s Supreme Court and member of Islamic Fiqh Academy based in Jeddah
  • He studied hadith terminology (mustalah) with Sheikh Mustafa al-Azami
    • Sh. al-Azami was trained in Dar al-‘Uloom, Deoband and Oxford University
    • Winner of King Faisal Prize, 1980 in Islamic Studies
    • Former Visiting Professor at Princeton University
  • Studied Alfiyya of Ibn Malik with the late Sh. Immad Iffat (may Allah grant him Janna) of Egypt’s Dar al-‘Ifta
    • Sh. Immad was the highest ranking Azhari scholar who was killed in the Egyptian Revolution
  • Al-Nahw al-Mutaqaddim and sarf with Ustad ‘Ali Ghonaim and Balagha with Ustad Magdi of Azhar
    • Ustad Ghonaim is former Chief Supervisor of Arabic language teachers, Egyptian Ministry of Education
  • Initial studies in Arabic were done under Ustad Ghulam Samdani
    • Ustad Ghulam Samdani is a student of Molana Hamid ud-Din Farahi, one of the leading scholars of India of his time
  • Studied Seera, fiqh, and tazkiyah with Sh. Muhammad ad-Dabusi (may Allah preserve him)
  • Other prominent teachers include Sheikh Yadali of Mauritania and Dr. Houcine Chouat of Tunisia

Interfaith Work

  • On Central Illinois Interfaith Alliance Board of Trustees 2016-2017
  • Organized and conducted Interfaith Dinner in appreciation of religious and community members for ICNA’s Midwest Conference held in Peoria attended by a US Attorney General, mayor, and other dignitaries
  • Delivered Sunday sermon at Unitarian Universalist Church, Peoria for the first time in the city’s history
  • Organized and conducted the first Open House, ‘Know Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Neighbor,’ in Peoria, IL for community leaders
  • Wrote educational articles for “Community Word,” a local publication, addressing Islamophobia and relevant issues
  • Conducted classes on Islam and Muslims for OLLI program at Bradley University
  • Interviewed by local affiliates of NBC, ABC, PBS, NPR, Peoria Journal Star, and other media outlets
  • Sought after speaker at schools and churches

Writing & Dawah Activities

  • Senior content producer for IslamReligion.com for the past 10 years
  • Designed and prepared lessons for NewMuslims.com
  • Wrote ‘A Compendium of Spiritual and Fiqh Aspects of Hajj,’ the only book on the Muslim pilgrimage in English approved by al-Azhar at this point

Teaching & Community Experience

  • Delivered regular tafseer, hadith, and fiqh classes for adults, women, youth, and Islam Awareness Week lectures for MSA
  • Raised funds for community projects
  • Initiated and conducted Ramadan Quran summary and motivational programs
  • Conducted Hajj workshop for the past 8 years based on his Hajj book
  • Developed new Muslim program
  • Online fatwa services and classes for Arabic as a second language
  • Provided spiritual counseling for premarital, couple, parents, teen, and grief counseling and officiated marriages
  • Shariah adviser to community cemetery committees
  • Taught weekend and full time Islamic schools

Professional Memberships & Formal Education

  • Currently pursuing PhD in Islamic Studies
  • Member of American Muslim Jurists Association (AMJA)
  • Member of North American Imam’s Federation (NAIF)
  • Former member of Sharia Scholars Association of North America (SSANA)

Well aware of the challenges faced by Muslim communities in contemporary America, Imam Mufti is a pragmatic, moderate, and conservative writer and educator on orthodox Islam. His goal is to promote unity among diverse Muslim schools of thought and interfaith tolerance. He served as a Resident Scholar and Imam at the Islamic Foundation of Peoria (IFP), IL, for the last six years, where he has passionately worked towards community building and continues to educate Muslims and non-Muslims about issues that matter.