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Attacks on Brussels & Lahore: Pray for the World

pray for lahore
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Key points from today’s khutba:

  • 32 people killed in Brussels including a popular teacher who worked at an Islamic school in Brussels and a mother of 3
  • According to the Turkish Prime Minister, one of the Brussels bombers was detained by Turkey and deported but Belgium did nothing!
  • 70 people were killed in Lahore targeting Christians, but ended up killing mostly Muslim women and children!
  • Some are quick to link terrorism to refugees and pose Islam is a threat to the American people even though all of the perpetrators of Brussels attacks were European citizens who were born and raised there
  • Understanding of extremism and terrorism:
    • Extremism is when a person leaves the middle path of moderation and goes to one of the two “extremes” of negligence or excessiveness
    • Terrorism is when a person attacks and harms civilians and religious minorities
  • Religious extremism is among Muslims and not in Islam, its texts address extremism and warn against it:
    • Quran in Surah an-Nisa:171 and al-Maida:77
    • Prophet of Allah ﷺ said, ‘Beware of extremism in the religion.’ (Nasai, Ibn Majah)
  • Extremism can be in belief or action:
    • Two passages of Quran mentioned above are with respect to extremism among People of the Book in their beliefs. Elevating human prophets to a divine status is an example of excessiveness that Allah forbade.
    • Example of extremism in action, rather one of the most horrible forms of extremism is going to extremes in bloodshed, to the point that committing suicide – a grave sin in Islam – has been made permissible and on top of that labeled “martyrdom”!
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is an 96-year-old organization that defends the individual liberties guaranteed by laws of the US and engages in civil rights litigation, advocacy, and education. They will Insha-Allah grant myself a special award for strengthening understanding of freedom of religion and distinguishing between free speech and hate speech.

May Allah accept our weak and fragile efforts in promoting peace and understanding. May Allah help us being productive citizens of our country and good Muslims who are proud of their deen and follow the Sunna of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.