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Etiquette of the Masjid

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  • Masjid is the heartbeat of the Muslim community
  • A place for Muslims to meet one another daily to perform the prayers
  • Safe place to conduct other acts of worship and activities beneficial for Muslim community, men and women
  • Nabi ﷺ taught us that the masjids are houses of Allah that have etiquette and rules that should be learned and observed by every Muslim:

1. Avoid offensive smells like eating raw garlic, raw onions, smoking, or smelly clothes or socks so as to not offend angels or fellow Muslims:

“Who ever eats garlic or onion, then he must keep away from our masjid because the angels get offended from what offends the children of Adam.” (Muslim)

2. Make du’a which the Nabi ﷺ used to say on his way to the masjid:

“O Allah, make light in my heart, and light on my tongue, and light in my hearing, and light in my sight, and light behind me and in front of me, and light above me and below me. O Allah, grant me light.” (Muslim)

3. Enter the masjid with the right foot first and then say what the Nabi ﷺ used to say:

Bismillah. In the name of Allah, O Allah, open for me the gates of your mercy.” (Muslim)

Nabi ﷺ liked to start with his right side in every thing:

“Ibn Umar used to step with his right foot first when he entered the masjid and step out with his left foot first when he walked out of the masjid.” (Bukhari)

4. Say salam to the people when you enter even those praying because the Sahaba used to say salam to the Nabi ﷺ while he was praying and he used to reply with a gesture:

Suhaib said: “I passed by Rasulullah ﷺ while he was praying and gave salam to him, he replied to me with a gesture.” (Nasai)

And Ibn Umar asked Bilal, ‘How did you see the Nabi ﷺ reply to the Sahaba when they gave salam to him while he was engaged in prayer?” Bilal said: “By spreading his palm.”

5. Don’t rush to catch up a rak’ah, because the Nabi ﷺ forbade rushing:

“If the prayer started, then do not join it running, but join it walking and do it calmly, and pray whatever you caught up with, and make up for what you missed.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

6. Don’t distract others praying even with reciting Quran, making du’a, or Dikr because a person in salah is in contact with Allah.

Sa’eb said: “I was in the masjid, and a man called me, I turned to him and there was Umar. And he said: “Bring me these two men.” I brought them to him. Umar asked: “Where are you from? They replied from the people of Ta’if. He said: “If you were from the people of Madina, I would have punished you because you raised your voices in the Masjid of Rasulullah ﷺ.” (Bukhari)

7. Pray two rak’ah before sitting upon entering the masjid:

“When one of you enters the masjid, he should pray two rak’ah before sitting down.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

8. Place something in front as a barrier between you and whoever passes in front of you:

“If you pray, then pray toward sutra (a barrier) and get close to it.” (Abu Daud)

9. Don’t pass in front of someone praying:

“If the person passing in front of the praying person knew how much sin he committed, it would have been better for him to wait for forty than to pass in front of him.” (Bukhari, Muslim)

10. Sit where your finds a place and don’t skip over people or squeeze yourself between those already sitting.

11. Keep busy supplicating and remembering Allah while sitting because one is in prayer as long as he is waiting for it.

12. Keep the masjid clean and nice-smelling because it is the house of Allah:

“Spitting in the masjid is a sin and its expiation is clean it.” The Sahaba of the Nabi ﷺ used keep the masjid clean. Imam Abu Dawud reported that Abdullah ibn Umar used to put perfume inside the masjid when Umar sat on the pulpit to deliver Friday speech. (Muslim)

13. Don’t walk out of the masjid after the Adhan before praying even if you already prayed as it will be nafl (extra) for you:

“Nabi ﷺ ordered us that when we are in the masjid and the Adhan is called, not to leave the masjid until we pray.” (Musnad)

14. Leave the masjid with left foot first and say what the Nabi ﷺ used to say:

“O Allah, I ask of Your bounty.” (Muslim)


May Allah help us follow the etiquette of the masjid to the best of our ability.

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