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Getting Ready for Ramadan in Shaban

Preparation for Ramadan

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  • We are in the month of Shaban, the month before Ramadan
  • Shaban is a month of preparation and Ramadan is the month of graduation – time when rewards are distributed
  • Prophet’s ﷺ  reason for fasting in Shaban was that deeds are raised up to Allah in this month
    • What is it’s significance?
  • Shaban is the ‘neglected time’, why?
    • It comes between two special months, Rajab, a sacred month, and Ramadan
  • Fasting in Shaban is preferable to fasting in Rajab
  • Shaban was the dearest month to the Messenger of Allah ﷺ to fast in
  • On the 15th of this month, based on Nabi’s ﷺ advice, to attain Allah forgiveness:
    • clean your heart, life, and house of Shirk
    • clean your heart of hatred of other Muslims
  • Making up your fasts from last Ramadan in Shaban is more important than fasting nafl fasts in Shaban

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