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Hell: The Uncomfortable Truth

Hell Uncomfortable Truth

The Friday sermon this week was on about a topic we may not want to hear about, but our Creator does, for our benefit – Hell.

  • Why Allah tells us about Hell?
    • Make us realize that Hell (like Paradise) is coming in the afterlife so we can be better prepared
    • Compare our suffering here with what is to come so we complain less and prepare more
  • Who is Hell for? Answer is in Quran 3:131
  • Prison of the disgraced (Quran 3:192, 9:63)
  • For losers (Quran 39:15)
  • Eternal (Quran 25:66)
  • Standing over Hell are 19 mighty and stern angels who never disobey Allah Who has created them (Quran 74:26-30)
  • Allah calls them the ‘Guardians of Hell’ (Quran 40:49)
  • Hell will accommodate many people and have room for more (Quran 50:30)
  • Hell will be brought near on the Day of Resurrection (Quran 89:13)
  • Variations in the degrees of heat in Hell and the levels of punishment (Quran 4:145)
  • Hell has 7 gates (Quran 15:43-44)
  • Gates of Hell will be opened and those destined for it will enter to stay forever (Quran 39:71)

May Allah protect us and our families and may knowing more about it produce positive fear that makes us better than ever.

Uncomfortable Truths Feature Image Credit: Howard Ignatius