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How Can We Respond to the Syrian Refugee Crises

Aylan Kurdi
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Summary of today’s khutba – ‘Our Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis’

“I was holding my wife’s hand. My children slipped away from my hands. We tried to hold on to the boat…everyone was screaming in pitch darkness. I couldn’t make my voice heard to my wife and kids…I don’t want anything else from this world…everything I was dreaming of is gone. I want to bury my children and sit beside them until I die.”

Father of Aylan Kurdi, 3 year old Syrian boy whose picture lying down dead on a Turkish shore has ignited humanity in many around the world

  • Syria’s civil war is the worst humanitarian disaster of our time
  • More than 11 million civilians displaced
  • Examples of Syrian generosity in accommodating refugees in recent history: those who fled armies of Ibrahim Basha in 1839, Circassian refugees in 1860, Armenian refugees in 1914, Palestinian refugees in 1948 and 1967, Kuwait in 1990, Lebanon in 1996, Iraq in 2003, Lebanon in 2006
  • 220,000 killed people four years since civil war began
  • Where did the Syrians go for refuge for the last few years:
    • 95% went to Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt
    • Turkey has 1.8 million Syrian refugees and has spend 5 billion dollars over last 4 years
    • 8 million will bear witness to the generosity of the Turks on the Day of Judgement!
    • Lebanon has the population of 4.8 million and took 1 million Syrians
    • While the Gulf Arab nations of Qatar, UAE, Saudia, Kuwait and Bahrain have donated tremendously for relief in Syria (Saudi Arabia is the single largest donor in the world), they have not accommodated a single Syrian refugee
  • The UN wants to raise about $8 billion to address the crisis
  • One Muslim country plans to spend $200 billion for 2022 FIFA World Cup!
    • It is a matter of priorities
  • Response of Western nations
    • Influenced by Islamophobia Hungarian Prime Minister said very recently, “we do not want large number of Muslim people in our country”
    • Canada (1 in 10 is a refugee), Australia, Britain, and others did not want to take Syrian Muslim refugees, until recently after public pressure from Aylan’s death
  • There are good people everywhere:
    • Germany, offered to take in 30,000 refugees. Ordinary people greeted them with flowers
    • 13,000 Icelanders have offered their homes to Syrian refugees
    • After intense pressure from ordinary people, UK has agreed to accept 10,000
  • Knowledge is only of benefit when we leverage it to bring about real change that is tangible, that changes lives and not just inspires or entertains
  • Prophet ﷺ was man of few words: farewell Sermon no more than two minutes long. Man of action: “Walking with a brother of mine to fulfill a need of his is more beloved to me than making i‘tikaf for one month in this masjid of mine.” (Tabarani, hasan)

What can I do?

1. Pray for the Syrian refugees and everyone else oppressed and encourage others to keep them in prayers.

2. Sign an online petition to the White House to settle 65000 refugees in the US. Only 11,000 more signatures are needed.

3 . Contribute financially whatever you can.

4. Support local organizations helping Syrians in your locality. For example, several hundred are in Chicago. Support Syrian Community Network (SCN) raise $50,000 to help them:

5. For helping Syrians refugees outside of Syria, following charitable orgs are focused in Syria: (Syrian American Medical Society)

6. Thank Allah for the safety, security, and luxury He’s blessed you with.

May Allah increase the hasanat of those who are helping Syrian brothers and sisters in time of need.

May Allah send tranquility and peace on the family of Aylan and others suffering from this hardship.

May Allah have mercy on the Umma of Muhammad ﷺ.

Feature Image Credit: NPR