Khutba Summaries

Loving God Through Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Loving God

The following key point were covered in today’s khutba, “Loving God Through Prophet Muhammad ﷺ”:

  • Revelation of 4:69: the story of the man who came to the Prophet and desired his company in Paradise
  • Anas, the servant of the Prophet asked how he could be with him in Paradise. Prophet’s answer: “You will be (on the Day of Judgment) with those whom you love.” (Bukhari, Muslim)
  • How is loving the Prophet of Allah different than loving other people?
    • Loving Allah and His Messenger is required
    • Love is the greatest fundamental of faith and the foundation for all our deeds
    • Love must take precedence over everything else (Quran 9:24)
  • Two signs to check our love for Prophet Muhammad :
    • Knowing Prophet Muhammad
    • Obey (4:80) and follow (3:32) Prophet Muhammad
  • 3 important events of Islamic month of Rabi al-Awwal:
    • birth of the Prophet
    • his migration to Madina
    • his death
  • The Prophet of Allah himself used to fast on Mondays, the day he was born and the day he received the revelation for the first time (Muslim)

May Allah fill our hearts with the love of His habeeb and help pattern our lives on the footsteps of His beloved.

Loving God Through the Prophet Muhammad Feature Image: Tom Coates