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Meaning of Muzammil


Question: I need to know the meaning of Muzammil in the Quran.

Based on my understanding it comes from the root word zamala, which means friend, hence Muzammil means ‘one who makes a friend’.

So why is this translated as one who wears a “kali kamli” or a black wrap, or even one who is wrapped in garments?


Bismillah wal-Hamdulillah was-Salatu was-Salam Ala Rasulillah

Muzammil‘ does not come from ‘zamala,’ but it is ism faa’il from “ta-zam-mala” (on the weight of ta fa’ ‘ala). The actual word is mutazammil, but the taa and zaa have been merged because they are close in their makhraj.

It means the one wrapped in clothes as you have mentioned.

Not sure about the “kali” (black) part. Probably it sounds good and rhymes in Urdu, maybe that’s why.

And Allah knows best.


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