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From Peshawar to Sydney

Peshawar to Sydney

This week Friday sermon was titled ‘From Peshawar to Sydney’:

  • Two sad events took place recently in Sydney, Australia and Peshawar, Pakistan
  • That is absolutely no justification for what happened
  • Islam is a very different religion than what these people are practicing, it does not teach the killing of women, children, or civilians
  • No verse of Quran or teaching of Prophet Muhammad teaches taking hostages
  • Islam forbids suicide
  • Prophet Muhammad  was harmed physically when he went to Taif, angels came and they said if you want, we can crush these people. His response, “No, I hope God will bring forth from their loins people who will worship God alone, associating nothing with Him.” (Muslim)
  • He  would say, ‘I am sent as a mercy!’ (Mustadrak)
  • No matter how frustrated someone might feel, it does not give them right to hurt others
  • Most of our forefathers were not Muslims, if the message of Islam was to kill everyone, most of us won’t be here!
  • No matter how bad a father is, it does not make his children bad: example of Abraham, son of a bad father, but Allah decided to guide the son
  • If someone thinks, ‘well, our children have been attacked and killed,’ the answer is that two wrongs do not make a right. If someone hurts your child, it does not give you any right to hurt a third person.
  • We are not allowed to take even the life of an animal without a reason (hunt for fun or target shooting). How much more precious is human life?
  • Our responsibility is to spread the true, peaceful message of Allah to people

May Allah accept into Paradise the innocent children and grant us the strength to spread the true, peaceful message of Islam.

Image Credit: Steve Arnold