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Scriptures: Importance, Beliefs & Myth

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Belief in Scriptures is the third article of Islamic faith.

Four Reasons Why Scriptures Were Revealed:

(1) Scripture revealed to a prophet is a point of reference to learn the religion and obligations towards Allah and fellow human beings

(2) By referring to scripture, religious disputes between its followers can be settled

(3) The scriptures keep the religion safe from corruption and deterioration after the death of a Prophet

The Quran revealed to our Prophet ﷺ remains safe from corruption until the end of time (Quran 15:9)

(4) As long as scriptures are present, people cannot say that we do not have prophets of God guiding us, how do we know the truth, how do we know what is the right course of action (Quran 4:165)

Detailed Belief in Scriptures

(1) Allah actually revealed them (Quran 2:4; 21:25)

(2) Names of certain scriptures (Torah, Gospel, Psalms, scripture of Abraham)

(3) They contain the truth. The essential truth that the Quran confirms is the most important and central message of all scriptures: to worship Allah alone (Quran 21:25)

(4) The Quran is a witness over them and confirms them. The essential truth remains one and the same, and thus Quran confirms that truth (5:48). As for laws, the Quran has cancelled the previous scriptures.

Original Scriptures & the Bible

We must distinguish between the original Torah, Gospel, and Psalms and the present day Bible.

No scripture exists today in the original language it was revealed in, except the Quran.

The Bible was not revealed in English. Different books of today’s Bible are translations of translations and different versions exist. As a result, some Bibles are bigger than others.

Few human being has ever memorized the whole Bible, not even a pope, whereas, the entire Quran is memorized by hundreds of thousands of ordinary Muslims, generation after generation.

May Allah increase us in imaan in His books, may Allah make us firm in Tawheed, and may Allah make us certain about the nubuwwa of Nabi Muhammad ﷺ.

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