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Shaytan Tactics

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Description: The reality of shaytan, his influence, relevance, devils from the jinn and human beings, devotion of shaytan to his mission, and two tricks to mislead people.

1. Does shaytan exist, is he real, is his influence real?

To some people, he is just an idea or a concept, maybe even a symbolic figure, but Allah Himself answers the question in the Quran,

“Surely, shaytan is an enemy to you, so treat him as an enemy.” (35:6)

2. Why is it important to talk about shaytan?

The answer is to know his tactics and tools. All the shaytan talk is scary, so Allah informs us who should truly be feared:

‘Indeed it is only shaytan that suggests to you the fear of his helpers, so fear him not, but fear Me is you are (true) believers.’ (3:175)

We should know that Allah is greater than everything, including the shaytan and his army.

Allah tells us in the Quran,

‘Indeed, he has no power over those who believe and put their trust only in their Lord. His power is only over those who obey and follow him and those who join partners with Him.’ (16:99-100)

3. We need to be aware of two types of shaytan: from jinn and from human beings (Quran 6:112)

For each of them, how does the shaytan influence us?

The shaytan from the jinn whispers and then retreats. He put the idea in our head and hides in a corner.

As for the human shayateen, there are people who actually help the mission of shaytan not by whispering, but by coming to us openly and inviting us to sin.

Since, there are human beings who embody the qualities of shaytan, we have to be conscious of our company.

We ask for protection by Allah from both jinn and human beings.

4. Shaytan is so devoted to his mission of attacking us on the straight path that to fulfill it, he comes at us from the front, the back, the right, and the left (Quran 7:16-18)

Shaytan is going to win the battle if you become practicing and start thinking now you are safe from him.

Notice the location mentioned in the ayah for the launching pad of shaytans attacks: “…on Your Straight Path,” not the casino or nightclub! Meaning that he will put his skills to use on those who are trying to be on the Straight Path. Naturally, we have to protect ourselves even more.

Also, when you say that someone is coming at you from your front, from your back, from your right and from the left it is to indicate that he is going to use different types of pathways.

5. We have a very skilled opponent, but our Lord tells us that the opponent is not invincible, rather he is weak (Quran 4:76)

6. Two tricks of shaytan that he uses to mislead people: he wants us to think that Islam is either all or none, therefore, I have to be perfect to be good. If I think I am supposed to be perfect, one of two things will happen:

  • When I see myself as perfect, a disease of the heart called arrogance or kibr takes seed
  • Second tool of shaytan is despair and hopelessness when I do slip and realize my human failings

7. When I see myself as perfect and everyone else needs my help, I join the Haram Police.

Haram Police has some characteristics we need to be aware of:

  • Haram Police does not give naseeha or sincere advice, but looks down on others
  • Haram Police is not about helping out of love and concern, but out of arrogance
  • Haram Police helps others because they feel they are higher

Let us say that you are praying, reading Quran, and staying away from haram, is that because of you or because of Allah? It is because of Allah.

You should be thanking Allah and realizing that any gift can be taken away. That’s why the du’a made most often by the Prophet was: “O Turner of the Hearts, keep my heart firm on your religion.” (Tirmidhi)

So, our focus needs to be on Allah’s generosity and mercy and not on our awesomeness, because we are really not that awesome! We are just humans who are trying and Allah is al-Shakoor, the One who appreciates and gives rewards even for the smallest of our actions!

8. The second strategy of shaytan is creating despair and hopelessness as a consequence of thinking that I am supposed to be perfect

I should immediately turn back to Allah and repent when I mess up, but shaytan does not want you to do that. He does not want you to do what Adam did, but he wants you to do what he did.

Shaytan’s response was DEFIANCE. Adam response was: “Our lord, we have wronged our own selves and if you don’t forgive us and have mercy on us, we will be among the losers.” (7:23)

Shaytan’s tactics separate us from Allah and destroy people, relationships, and families. Instead, Allah says, “do not despair of the mercy of Allah.” (39:53)

He tries to distance you from Allah through despair, telling you that you are not good enough to go to Allah. There is no such thing. Allah accepts everyone. No matter how sinful or broken you are, Allah accepts you. But shaytan wants you to believe otherwise.

Allah takes anybody, everybody and His door is open to everyone no matter how broken no matter how sinful. Allah loves to forgive.

Rush to the mercy of Allah (Quran 51:50).

May Allah protect us from the whispers of shaytan.
May Allah keep us safe from the influence of shaytan.
May Allah grant us His protection.
May Allah keep us safe and protected from the plots of shaytan.
May Allah help us see our imperfections and keep us humble.
May Allah help us realize how much in need we are of the mercy of Allah.

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