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Stories of Prophets: Adam & Jonah in Quran

Stories of Prophets Adam & Jonah

The khutba was about gaining inspiration from the stories of the prophets, Adam and Yunus (Jonah) in particular. What follows are some points mentioned in the khutba:

  • to understand angels asked Allah why He created Adam when his descendants will spill blood and spread corruption
  • Allah’s response: ‘I know what you do not know!’
  • We, human beings, have a choice to be better than angels or to be worse than animals
  • Adam and Eve made the wrong choice to disobey Allah as did Iblis (Satan)
  • Thereafter, Adam made the right choice to repent and became closest to Allah, Iblis made another wrong choice, became arrogant and thus, distant from Allah
  • Humility is necessary to repent
  • Moral of the story: be humble, don’t despair, ask for forgiveness from Allah
  • Lives of prophets were not easy
  • Stories of prophets in Quran are there so we relate to them at our level of tests and hardships
  • Two different ways to respond to a hardship:
    • We turn to the creation for help, our money, people, false sense of security
    • Yunus responded by going back to Allah by du’a La ilaha illa Anta, Subhanak, inni kuntu min ad-dhalimeen (‘There is not true god but You, O Allah, how perfect are You, and I am from the wrongdoers.’ Ambiya:87)

May Allah grant us His love and understanding of His Tawhid and the Quran.

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