Khutba Summaries

Ties With Relatives: Benefits and Punishment

Ties With Relatives

Following is the summary of the khutba about joining ties with relatives:

  • Kindness to relatives is part of our belief, Allah has mentioned “silatur-rahim” in numerous verses of the Quran
  • Of the relatives, the mother has the greatest right, followed by the father, and then according to their closeness in relationship
  • Maternal aunt is like the mother
  • Maintaining ties with non-Muslim relatives is an obligation on Muslims
How to Deal With Relatives?
  • Visiting and hosting them
  • Asking about their well being
  • Helping them financially
  • Meeting them with a smiling face
  • Sharing in their ceremonies of joy and grief
  • Reconciling warring relatives
  • Advising them to do right and to avoid wrong
  • Visiting their sick
  • Being respectful to elders and kind to younger ones
Benefits of Joining Ties With Relatives
  • Connection between slave and his Lord
  • Reason for receiving increase in provision and a long life
  • Receiving help from Allah
  • Leads to Paradise
Punishment of Breaking Ties With Relatives
  • Being among those whom Allah has cursed
  • Being banished from entering Paradise
  • Being drawn away from Allah

May Allah make us fulfill the rights of our relatives.

Ties With Relative Featured Image Credit: Beth Rankin