Khutba Summaries

Tips for Parents in Ramadan

Family in Ramadan

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The khutba today can be summarized as:

  • Ramadan, fasting, and praying in Ramadan are blessings of Allah
  • A Muslim should strive to make the most of this month
  • Advice to parents:
    • Check on the children’s fasting and encourage them
    • Remind them about the real nature of fasting that is not just giving up food and drink, but means of attaining taqwa (piety)
    • Teach them the etiquette and rulings of eating
    • Do not let them spend too much time on iftar and miss Maghrib
    • Remind them about the poor and suffering Muslims around the world today like in Syria and Myanmar
    • Ramadan is opportunity to mend broken ties between relatives
    • Children must help their mother prepare food and clean up afterwards
    • Remind them to pray qiyam (taraweeh)
    • Baraka (blessing) of suhoor and it gives a person strength to fast
    • Allow enough time before Fajr so that children may make du’a to Allah
    • Use this opportunity to pray Fajr on time in congregation in the masjid
    • If possible, the father and mother should take family for ‘Umra in Ramadan
    • Husband should not overburden his wife to prepare fancy foods and sweets
    • Ramadan is the month of the Quran, so we suggest that each family gets together to recite Quran
    • Parents should prevent their families and children from staying up late at night and wasting time

May Allah bless us and our families in Ramadan.
May Allah help us all reap the benefits of Ramadan.

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