1000+ people attend Know Islam - Know Peace Event at Islamic Foundation of Peoria, Illinois.
With Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi of UK, and other friends at the National Prayer Breakfast.
Imam speaks to the crowd as Vice President of Mission Services at OSF St. Francis Medical Center Stephen Mattern, left, and Pastor Jim Powell, right, listen to his comments during the Peace for Peoria event at the Peoria Civic Center on Monday, May 16, 2016.
The Islamic Foundation of Peoria is hoping that a new billboard campaign will spur conversations with non-Muslims about their faith.
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) a 96-year old organization that defends the individual liberties & engages in civil rights litigation, advocacy, and education presented Imam a special award for strengthening understanding of freedom of religion and distinguishing between free & hate speech.
With Pastor Rick Warren, one of the most influential evengelical pastors in the US today, of Saddleback Church, California.
With Darin Lahood (Congressman IL, Rep) in his office in DC discussing Islamophobia, refugees, Muslimban, and Obamacare. The support from Christian and Jewish friends was great!