Khutba Summaries

What is Ramadan All About?


To understand Ramadan, we need to ask the question: what is our purpose?

Allah has given us a clear answer in Quran 51:56

What is ubudiyya? Living our life in a way that my intent is in accordance with the intent of my Creator

It’s profound consequence: peace

One of the Names of Allah is as-Salaam

There is no other way to get peace except by seeking the source of peace – Allah

Say you are lost in a desert and you are thirsty, you cannot quench your thirst if you have no water and are far from the source of water. Similarly, if you are not close to Allah, who is the source of peace, you can never attain peace

This nearness is nearness of our qalb, of our heart. Qalb is part of heart that connects to Allah in this life before the next life

Requirements in order to attain nearness to this source of peace, to be close to this water: gain knowledge and purify our inner selves (Quran 62:2)

Allah gave us Ramadan to aid us in this process

Two obstacles that prevent us from seeking Allah:

Shaitan – our external enemy, the source of outer whispers in our minds and hearts
Nafs – the inner inclinations to do bad

To reach source of water and attain peace, I have to clean myself of inner diseases

In order to understand the root cause of sin, we eliminate all other possible causes: Allah removes the shaitan, anything I do in Ramadan, I can only blame myself, my nafs because the devils are chained (Bukhari)

We live in a society that teaches that freedom is freedom of the self, but true freedom of a human being is freedom from the self, from the nafs

We seek to fill some void in ourselves with food. We seek some physical pleasure with food

By fasting we realize that we can find pleasure in something outside of the physical pleasures

In siyam, I disconnect from the physical world, I starve my body and feed my soul

How can I feed the non-physical part of me? I am not going to see it in TV commercials. They don’t talk about feeding the soul.

Allah has told us the purpose of fasting: to attain Taqwa: word means to protect or shield oneself. What are we protecting ourselves in siyam? displeasure of Allah, distance from Allah, and from the shaitan

Fasting gives you that inner strength so you have the ability to fight your nafs